Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Staying Motivated

Lack of Motivation is probably the number one killer of these types of projects. Thankfully for me, the motivation for this project is still very much there. More so then even my last film. I feel very connected to this film. Where my last film was more generic and soft, this one is very much "me". Granted, while still a bit amateurish, in the end, this film is very much like the films Id like to make in the future. It has things that are odd/weird, the comedy is dark, the style is very detailed, dark yet colorful (if there is such a thing), and the story is upbeat. So, what happens when the film is released and no one likes it? Well, then I make another one =) Eventually someones bound to like one.
Sometimes I ask myself why i do this stuff. This film combined with my last have taken about 9 months of my life now. Why spend so much time on something that wont gain income, wont land me a job (heck, I already have a job that I love), possibly wont do well at festivals, wont make me famous, wont help save cancer patients?
So why do it?
I love the process. To me, its like being a little kid again and building a fort with you friends and family. The planning, the building, the result. Its all a blast. I really enjoy developing things. While Im not sure "director" will ever be a job title, I am confident that some day i'll be on the development side of a project. Don't get me wrong, modeling is a blast. I mean I just modeled the Cheshire Cat for Tim Burton's new Alice film. How rad is that? But eventually I really want to try my hand at developing something on a big scale.
Anyway, im starting to blab. Thanks for reading about the film. Stayed tuned for more clips! =)

-Eric Provan