Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rough Draft of film - thoughts

So, The other day I edited together the first rough draft of the film. How exciting right? The first shocking thing was how long this film is. I was predicting on the high end when I said that it could run from 6 to 7 minutes. It turns out that this thing could possibly run longer then 8 minutes! As it stands right now, its over 7 minutes without an opening and credits. Now, this isn't exactly a good thing. But, im hopeful that the film will keep people interest thoughout.
The biggest thing I learned from the rough draft is that some of my scenes clash when transitioning from one to the other. Its most because of the camera movements being to drasic. So, im having to go back and re-render 2 or 3 scenes so that they transition better.
And the final thing I learned was that the story jumps to quick in a few spots. So, after doing some brainstorming with my wife, I, or should I say we came up with a few scenes that will help the flow greatly. Now, this adds 2 more scenes to animate (simple anyway) and render, but I feel that they are very much needed.
So, there ya have it. After seeing the film cut together, I can say that im extremely proud of how this thing is turning out. Hopefully the audience will enjoy it =)



Holly said...

I'm the wife!