Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Compositing. Ive spent the last week or so compositing. For those that arnt to familiar with the process, basically compositing is just taking all the different layers youve rendered (diffuse, occlusion, background, clouds, etc), combining them, tweaking lighting, added small effects like fog, and then rendering out the final product. Almost like what you would do in photoshop but over numerous pictures (frames) instead of just one.
The process is taking me quite a bit time. This is because of the amount of scenes I have to composite and the amount of polish im going for. Im not naive, I know this thing isn't gonna look like a pixar (or Sony Animation! =) film, but I want it to look as nice as it possibly can. So far im very happy with the resuls.
I'll post my first completely finished scene soon. Possibly tonight if I remember.
Im also pieceing together the trailer. Which should be done soon.