Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whats the deal here?

Ok, this is a short film I'm developing both for myself, and for pitching. What I mean is, this is an idea that I would like to pitch to a studio, and since the likely hood that it will be picked up is slim to none, I would like to make the film myself. As I did with my last film http://ericprovan.blogspot.com/ , This will be a place that is mostly meant for myself. I'll continuously post updates, status reports, work in prgress shots, summaries, etc. I'll start by posting some stats.

Working title is "The Lonely Mr. Scrim".
Production Schedule - 4 months from today (Jan. 07 2009)
I have been developing this idea for about 3 weeks now.
3 Characters - Mr. Scrim, Ms. Scrim, and a critter.
Narrated story - Much like my last film, but less preachy. Focusing more on dark comedy.
Audience - Everyone. This film is going to be much more edgy then my last. But I don't want to exclude kids. I hate when filmmakers dumb down stuff thinking kids are stupid.
Format - HD720
Goal - Don't care if I don't make a dime. I just want to tell a good story and hope people like it.

Concept art - Characters 100%, Environment 80%
Modeling Characters - Mr Scrim 80%, Ms. Scrim 0%, Critter 0%
Modeling Environment - 50%
Texturing - 0%
Story/Script - 35%

So there ya go. Feel free to ask questions