Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The End of the ending

So, im excited to say that I finally have a satisfying ending for this story. Something that will suprise and charm, at least, I hope =)
So, the story is now 100% done. The dialog/script is about 75% done. As I said before, its going to be narrated, much like my last film. But, less poetic and preachy.

I also went ahead and completely redesigned the Ms. Scrim character. The big gripe I had with the last version was not its quality, I had liked her looked, the big gripe was that she didnt really match this world. She didn't look like the same species as Mr. Scrim.
The new one is looking great, the model is done, and painting is about 75% done. I will put a pic up soon. other then that, things are still moving along well.