Monday, July 6, 2009

trailer feedback

Ive been getting some wonderful feedback from the trailer. It makes me all the more excited about the final film.
The biggest negatives concerning the trailer seem to be music and the subtitles. Which were both added at the very last second and will not be in the final film. So, thats cool right? =)
Everyone seems to love the visuals and the story.
Im about 95% done compositing. Leaving just a few scenes left. I'm 75% done with the editing. Ive been doing quarter chunks to makes things easier on me and on the software. Im starting to look for a voiceover actor this evening (I wanted to be able to present them with the film so that they would get a feel for what im looking for and also know that this is a project that wont dissapear before being finished). Hopefully I can find someone that fits the film and can work for my budget, which is pretty much zero. Good luck huh? =)